Braille Club of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Serving the blind and visually impaired residents of Palm Beach County since 1935.


The Braille Club of Palm Beach County, Inc. is a social club for blind and visually impaired individuals. As in the original charter, we are an organization for the blind, run by the blind, with the assistance of a few sighted volunteers. Located on Dixie Highway near the center of West Palm Beach, we are convenient for all the residents of Palm Beach County.

Club members and visitors join us everyday Wednesday, from 10 am to 1 pm. We socialize, play dominoes, and occasionally enjoy karaoke together. One of several of our club members who play the piano provide the entertainment. Newcomers are immediately absorbed into the group. Solid, long term, lasting friendships are constantly being formed. Often we have guest speakers, for example, a seminar on insurance, a representative from a local bank, an instructor of cooking, and an energetic drum circle inviting all to participate using percussion-type old fashioned instruments and dancing. Each Wednesday, we enjoy a Circle Time as a time for singing patriotic and other songs together, announcements regarding Club business are discussed, birthdays are celebrated, information on members and their family members who may be sick is shared and upcoming events are announced. We also have a wide variety of technology equipment for the blind and visually impaired available for use.

Every Wednesday we serve a homemade lunch. Dessert included. We also have festive celebrations for major holidays.

Come! Join us. You will never regret it.



To promote recreational, social and educational activities for blind and visually-impaired adults.